dotJS videos

dotJS 2013 - Hongli Lai - Making node.js deployment enjoyable

4m11sHongli LaidotJS7 years ago

dotJS 2017 - Mims Wright - Building a puzzle game in React/Redux

4m9sMims WrightdotJS3 years ago

dotJS 2017 - Kristijan Ristovski - State management in a GraphQL era

4m35sKristijan RistovskidotJS3 years ago

dotJS 2013 - Tim Pietrusky - Sync HTML5 audio with CSS3 animation

4m38sTim PietruskydotJS7 years ago

dotJS 2016 - Ada Rose Edwards - The realities of doing VR on the Web

18m49sAda Rose EdwardsdotJS4 years ago

dotJS 2013 - Matti Schneider - We're bad at web integration testing

4m25sMatti SchneiderdotJS7 years ago

dotJS 2013 - Guillermo Rauch - The need for speed - Single-page apps, Optimistic UIs, Reactivity

18m6sGuillermo RauchdotJS7 years ago

dotJS 2014 - Joe McCann - Tuning Node

16mJoe McCanndotJS5 years ago

dotJS 2016 - Vladimir de Turckheim - NoSQL injections in Node.js: The case of MongoDB

4m30sVladimirdotJS4 years ago

dotJS 2014 - Yehuda Katz - A guide to Indie Open Source Software

20m25sYehuda KatzdotJS6 years ago

dotJS 2016 - Sébastien Chopin - Nuxt.js: Universal Vue.js Applications

4m21sdotJS4 years ago

dotJS 2017 - Rafael Silva - Processing Images using the Web Audio API

4m14sRafael SilvadotJS3 years ago

dotJS 2015 - Andre Medeiros - The whole future declared in a var

15m53sAndre MedeirosdotJS5 years ago

dotJS 2013 - John K Paul - Type dependence

21m11sJohndotJS7 years ago

dotJS 2014 - Charlie Robbins - Dependencies Static Analysis and The Grid

11m28sCharlie RobbinsdotJS5 years ago

dotJS 2014 - Soledad Penadés - Tools for the 21st century musician

22m5sSoledaddotJS6 years ago

dotJS 2014 - Martin Gontovnikas - JSON Web Tokens

4m10sMartin GontovnikasdotJS6 years ago

dotJS 2014 - Paul O'Shannessy - React Through the Ages

18m19sPauldotJS5 years ago

dotJS 2014 - Mike McNeil - Pulling the Plug

17m51sMikedotJS6 years ago

dotJS 2016 - Guy Bedford - Unbundling the Future Web Runtime

16m26sGuy BedforddotJS4 years ago

dotJS 2014 - James Halliday (substack) - Immutable offline webapps

16m34sJames HallidaydotJS6 years ago

dotJS 2017- Sean Larkin - Webpack+WebAssembly: Under the hood

19m50sSeandotJS2 years ago

dotJS 2014 - John-David Dalton - A Shimblance of Success

14m42sJohndotJS5 years ago

dotJS 2015 - Forbes Lindesay - The Compiler Pipeline of Pug

17m2sdotJS5 years ago

dotJS 2016 - Maxime Thirouin - A static website with React? Really?

4m15sMaxime ThirouindotJS3 years ago

dotJS 2013 - Nicolas Geoffray - Dart

15m41sNicolasdotJS7 years ago

dotJS 2016 - Christophe Porteneuve - Tuning Babel to your runtimes

17m50sChristophedotJS4 years ago

dotJS 2013 - Pamela Fox - Making JS More Learnable

28m46sPameladotJS7 years ago

dotJS 2015 - Rebecca Murphey - HTTP/2 is here, now let's make it easy

19m27sRebecca MurpheydotJS5 years ago

dotJS 2017 - Feross Aboukhadijeh - The Most Annoying Website (aka "The Power of the Web Platform")

29m49sdotJS3 years ago