devoxx videos

55 New Features in JDK 9 by Simon Ritter

51m47sSimon Ritterdevoxx3 years ago

What's New in Java EE Security: JSR-375 and Beyond by Will Hopkins

53m41sWill Hopkinsdevoxx3 years ago

Deploying Spring Boot apps on Kubernetes by Thomas Risberg

30m49sJon Brisbindevoxx3 years ago

Apache NetBeans! by Kirk Pepperdine, Sven Reimers, Geertjan Wielenga, Martin Klän

31m37sSven Reimersdevoxx3 years ago

Against all odds, a cloudless smart home by Kai Kreuzer

35m23sKai Kreuzerdevoxx3 years ago

Ask the JDK Architects with Mark Reinhold, Alex Buckley, Alan Bateman, Brian Goetz and Stuart Marks

51m57sBrian Goetzdevoxx3 years ago

Streaming Database Changes with Debezium by Gunnar Morling

48m24sGunnar Morlingdevoxx3 years ago

Cloud Native Java by Josh Long

1h1m13sPhil Webbdevoxx3 years ago

Real World Java 9 by Trisha Gee

54m56sTrisha Geedevoxx3 years ago

Manchester MegaPixel by Katie Steckles

16m24sKatie Stecklesdevoxx3 years ago

SOA lessons learnt OR Microservices done better by Sean Farmar

52mSean Farmardevoxx3 years ago

Effective Service API Design by Elliotte Rusty Harold

1h41sBethdevoxx4 years ago

A history of computer programming by Alasdair Collinson

50m29sAlasdair Collinsondevoxx3 years ago

What monolith can learn from microservices? by Alex Soto

48m21sAlex Sotodevoxx2 years ago

Edge Performance with In memory NoSQL by Liviu Costea

45m58sLiviu Costeadevoxx3 years ago

The Future of Event-driven Microservices with Spring Cloud Stream by Kenny Bastani

36m43sKenny Bastanidevoxx3 years ago

Spring Framework 5: Hidden Gems by Juergen Hoeller

17m42sJuergen Hoellerdevoxx3 years ago

What are Observables and why should I care? by Randall Koutnik

44m11sRandall Koutnikdevoxx3 years ago

State management in a GraphQL era by Kristijan Ristovski

51m47sKristijan Ristovskidevoxx2 years ago

From Tic Tac Toe to AlphaGo: Playing games with AI and machine learning by Roy van Rijn

50m27sRoy van Rijndevoxx3 years ago

Scientific Visualization Integrated into Eclipse Workbenches by Robert Smith

20m48sRobert Smithdevoxx3 years ago

From Spring Boot 1 in Java to Spring Boot 2 in Kotlin by Mark Heckler, Sébastien Deleuze

2h13m48sMark Hecklerdevoxx3 years ago

Continuous delivery @ Axians with gitlab and openshift by Frédéric Pape

40m17sFrédéric Papedevoxx3 years ago

The Business of Technology Business Technology by Chet Haase

20m2sGrzegorz Dudadevoxx3 years ago

Containerless in the cloud with AWS Lambda by Ryan Cuprak

54m2sChet Haasedevoxx3 years ago

Real-World Enterprise REST API Design by Laurent Bovet

14m25sRyan Cuprakdevoxx4 years ago

Writing/Running/Debugging Docker Applications with Eclipse Che by James Drummond

27m17sLaurent Bovetdevoxx3 years ago

Machine Learning Exposed Introduction to Machine Learning by Katharine Beaumont & James Weaver

51m17sJames Drummonddevoxx3 years ago

TensorFlow by Brian Sletten

46m48sKatharine Beaumontdevoxx3 years ago