Strange Loop videos

"Humanities x Technology" by Ashley Nelson-Hornstein

50m35sPaul SnivelyStrange Loop4 years ago

"Security for Humans: Privacy and Coercion Resistant Design" by Morgan Marquis-Boire

1h2m14sAshley Nelson-HornsteinStrange Loop5 years ago

"Distributed, Eventually Consistent Computations" by Christopher Meiklejohn

40m4sMorgan Marquis-BoireStrange Loop5 years ago

"Strength in Numbers: Unums and the Quest for Reliable Arithmetic" by Ferris Ellis

38m26sChristopher MeiklejohnStrange Loop3 years ago

"End-to-end encryption: Behind the scenes" by Martin Kleppmann, Diana Vasile

39m52sFerris EllisStrange Loop4 years ago

"Level Up Your Concurrency Skills With Rust" by David Sullins

38m38sDiana VasileStrange Loop3 years ago

"Exploring Conversational Interfaces with Amazon Alexa and Go" by Mike Flynn

37m34sDavidStrange Loop4 years ago

"Architectural Patterns of Resilient Distributed Systems" by Ines Sombra

43m46sMike FlynnStrange Loop5 years ago

"How would a Panda program computers?" by Jonas S Karlsson

33m40sInes SombraStrange Loop4 years ago

"Build your child their very own Node.js Frozen bot" by Gabrielle Crevecoeur

39m59sJonas S KarlssonStrange Loop4 years ago

"Evidence-Oriented Programming" by Andreas Stefik

41m42sGabrielle CrevecoeurStrange Loop5 years ago

"Why We Built Our Own Distributed Column Store" by Sam Stokes

42m40sAndreas StefikStrange Loop3 years ago

"The Programming Language Called Classical Chinese" by David Branner

42m56sSam StokesStrange Loop5 years ago

"PureScript (Maybe This Time We Get JavaScript Right)" by Bodil Stokke

44m30sDavid BrannerStrange Loop6 years ago

"Datafun: a functional query language" by Michael Arntzenius

42m30sBodil StokkeStrange Loop3 years ago

"Specter: overcome your fear of nested Clojure data" by Nathan Marz

41m50sMichael ArntzeniusStrange Loop5 years ago

"You can be a kernel hacker!" by Julia Evans

33m30sNathan MarzStrange Loop6 years ago

"No, Really... Robots and JavaScript?!" by Raquel Vélez

36m27sJulia EvansStrange Loop5 years ago

"Runtime scheduling: theory and reality" by Eben Freeman

42m11sRaquel VélezStrange Loop4 years ago

"A Tale of Two Asyncs: Open Source Language Design in Rust and Node.js" by Ashley Williams

47m25sEben FreemanStrange Loop2 years ago

"Cognitive Bias: A reflection and path forward" by Bryan Liles

37m34sAshley WilliamsStrange Loop5 years ago

"How to bring open source to a closed community" by Abigail Cabunoc Mayes

37m51sMark HibberdStrange Loop4 years ago

"Origami Software from Scratch" by Robby Kraft

35m47sBryan LilesStrange Loop3 years ago

"Designing Cypher - a Graph Query Language" by Tobias Lindaaker

42m34sAbigail Cabunoc MayesStrange Loop4 years ago

"The Security of Classic Game Consoles" by Kevin Shekleton

35m24sRobby KraftStrange Loop3 years ago

"Typed Clojure: From Optional to Gradual Typing" by Ambrose Bonnaire-Sergeant

32m29sTobias LindaakerStrange Loop5 years ago

"Program synthesis for declarative building design" by Drew Wolpert, Andrew Zukoski

39m25sDavid McNeilStrange Loop3 years ago