Serverless Architecture videos

Serverless Computing with Google Cloud

10m3sPatreonServerless Architecture2 years ago

DevOpsDays Chicago 2017 - Serverless Architecture in Azure by Rob Richardson

47m57sRob RichardsonServerless Architecture3 years ago

Experimenting with chaos engineering in serverless applications | Hunting for errors

15m23sGabrielle MarieServerless Architecturea year ago

AWS re:Inforce 2019: Securing Serverless and Container Services (SDD306)

1h10sServerless Architecturea year ago

Build, Scale, & Create IoT and Mobile connected applications with the Cloud by Tara Walker

45m45sTara WalkerServerless Architecture3 years ago

DevOpsDays Philly 2017 - Ignite - WordPress Goes Serverless by Danny Olson

5m21sDanny OlsonServerless Architecture3 years ago

7 serverless recipes for big data architectures - Blanca Garcia Gil & Neil Crofts - SLS LDN 2018

25m37sNeil CroftsServerless Architecturea year ago

Conversational Bots : Amazon Lex, IBM Watson, Microsoft Bot and Google Assistant Tara Walker,Eric Ca

2h34m36sEric CaServerless Architecture3 years ago

Exploring Deep Learning AI in the Cloud by Tara Walker

53m17sTara WalkerServerless Architecture3 years ago

Applying the principles of chaos to Serverless - Yan Cui - Serverless London 2018

32m55sYan CuiServerless Architecturea year ago

Apache OpenWhisk by Animesh Singh and John Zaccone

55m33sAnimesh SinghServerless Architecture3 years ago

They can't hack your servers if you don't have any servers, right? - Matthew Henderson - SLS LDN 18

11m8sMatthew HendersonServerless Architecturea year ago

7 serverless recipes for big data architectures with Blanca Garcia Gil & Neil Crofts

46m31sNeil CroftsServerless Architecture2 years ago