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How to defend from an attacker armed with a mathematician by Antonio Sanso

21m10sAntonio SansoGenerate4 years ago

DEF CON 24 - Clarence Chio - Machine Duping 101: Pwning Deep Learning Systems

44m12sClarence ChioGenerate4 years ago

gRPC 101 - building fast and efficient microservices

45m57sRay TsangGenerate3 years ago

DEF CON 24 - Amro Abdelgawad - The Remote Metamorphic Engine

48m24sAmorGenerate4 years ago

DEF CON 23 - Patrick Wardle - DLL Hijacking on OS X

45m10sPatrick WardleGenerate5 years ago

Building React applications with JHipster by Sendil Kumar N and Deepu K Sasidharan

14m11sSendil Kumar NGenerate3 years ago

Making the Most of Your Gradle Build by Andres Almiray

50m5sAndres AlmirayGenerate3 years ago

Jonas Winje and Einar Høst - Infinite Lambda Calculus - Code Mesh 2017

41m20sJonas WinjeGenerate3 years ago

Schema Database Documentation Through Introspection

21m7sEmmanuel SeymanGenerate3 years ago

Not all equals methods are created equal by Jan Ouwens

27m33sJan OuwensGenerate3 years ago

Avant-Garfield - Creating New Comics With Neural Networks

9m51sCody WrightGenerate2 years ago

Tackling the LibreOffice update problem Automated updates and update statistics

20m51sMarkus MohrhardGenerate3 years ago

Garbage First Garbage Collector by Monica Beckwith

47m10sMonica BeckwithGenerate3 years ago

How to Generate a Deployable REST CXF3 Application from a Swagger Contract by Johannes Fiala

44m46sJohannes FialaGenerate3 years ago

!!Con 2016 - Preserving Digital Art and Games for 100 Years! By Wilkie

12m52sWilkieGenerate4 years ago

DEF CON 25 Packet Hacking Village - Tom Sela - Fooling the Hound Deceiving Doman Admin Hunters

34m55sTom SelaGenerate3 years ago

Conversations in a dual stack world IP and the old IP together - what can go wrong?

20m9sOlle E JohanssonGenerate3 years ago

Map me if you can! Painless bean mappings with MapStruct by Gunnar Morling

15m56sGunnar MorlingGenerate3 years ago

DEF CON 24 - Ang Cui - A Monitor Darkly: Reversing and Exploiting Ubiquitous OSD Controllers

34m9sCuiGenerate4 years ago

Expeditious Code via Inference - Mike Fikes

45m37sMike FikesGeneratea year ago

DEF CON 24 - Salvador Mendoza - Samsung Pay: Tokenized Numbers, Flaws and Issues

12m28sSalvador MendozaGenerate4 years ago

Dejan Dimić - The Internet of Things: State of the Art and what's in front of us on that canvas

44m58sDejan DimićGenerate5 years ago

dotJS 2017 - Suz Hinton - New Tools for Old Problems

19m3sSuz HintonGenerate3 years ago

JavaParser: where should we head? How to generate, transform, analyze, refactor Java code

20m18sFederico TomassettiGenerate3 years ago

Migrating to Java 9 Modules with ModiTect by Gunnar Morling

14m48sGunnar MorlingGenerate3 years ago

Mesos vs Kubernetes vs Swarm: Fight! by Christophe Furmaniak

53m21sChristophe FurmaniakGenerate3 years ago

Hibernate Tips ‘n’ Tricks - 15 Tips to solve common problems by Thorben Janssen

45m48sThorben JanssenGenerate3 years ago

DEF CON 25 - Luke Young - There’s no place like 127.001: Achieving reliable DNS rebinding

41m32sLuke YoungGenerate3 years ago

William E Byrd - Relational Interpreters, Program Synthesis, and Barliman - Code Mesh 2017

41m15sWilliam E ByrdGenerate3 years ago

dotJS 2015 - Johannes Fiala - How to end manual REST-API client coding

5m9sJohannesGenerate5 years ago