Functions videos

Prashant Palikhe - New Chrome Dev Tool Functions that will blow your mind

12m56sPrashant PalikheFunctions2 years ago

Democratizing Serverless: The New Open Source Fn Platform by Travis Reeder and Reed Allman

39m17sTravis ReederFunctions3 years ago

Event Sourcing and CQRS with Spring Stream by Jakub Pilimon

39m34sJakub PilimonFunctions3 years ago

JavaScript: the new parts by Joshua Wilson

40m13sJoshua WilsonFunctions3 years ago

Crockford on JavaScript - Act III: Function the Ultimate

1h13m29sDouglas CrockfordFunctions9 years ago

g ∘ f patterns by Mario Fusco

50m44sMario FuscoFunctions3 years ago

Philip Wadler: Church's Coincidences

1h3m40sPhilip WadlerFunctions8 years ago

Contextual groups in LibreOffice' Notebookbar How to make life easier for beginners

20m9sHeiko TietzeFunctions3 years ago

RubyConf 2016 - Seeing Metaprogramming and Lambda Function Patterns in Ruby by Lukas Nimmo

30m36sLukas NimmoFunctions4 years ago

Building Event Driven Services with Apache Kafka and Kafka Streams by Ben Stopford

53m3sBen StopfordFunctions3 years ago

Curtis Lassam - Hash Functions and You: Partners in Freedom - PyCon 2015

27m5sCurtis LassamFunctions5 years ago

Building Web Applications on Spring Framework Using the Across Platform by Arne Vandamme

46m28sArne VandammeFunctions3 years ago

DEF CON 24 - Allan Cecil - Robot Hacks: TASBot Exploits Consoles with Custom Controllers

41m57sAllan CecilFunctions4 years ago

DEF CON 25 ICS Village - Thomas Brandsetter - InSecurity in Building Automation

30m4sThomas BrandsetterFunctions3 years ago

The path to Data-plane micro-services Software defined network functions are changing!

27m35sRay KinsellaFunctions3 years ago

Unknown pearls from the Clojure standard library - Renzo Borgatti

17m5sRenzo BorgattiFunctions5 years ago

Øredev 2017 - Neil Killick - How to not shoot yourself in the foot with estimation

45m2sNeil KillickFunctions3 years ago

High performance network functions with VPP

27m8sOle TrøanFunctions3 years ago

DEF CON 23 - miaubiz - Put on Your Tinfo_t Hat if You're My Type

16m46sFunctions5 years ago

DEF CON 23 - Geoff Walton and Dave Kennedy - Pivoting Without Rights: Introducing Pivoter

49m33sGeoff WaltonFunctions5 years ago

Un bot pour gérer l'agenda de ta conférence (Guillaume Laforge)

45m16sGuillaume LaforgeFunctions3 years ago

Scala Versus Java

1h32m34sDan RosenFunctions9 years ago

A Pragmatist’s Guide to Functional Geekery by Michał Płachta

50m32sMichał PłachtaFunctions3 years ago

A Future without Servers with Danilo Poccia

15m48sDanilo PocciaFunctions2 years ago

Saving with server-less functions

26m34sBrian DouglasFunctions3 years ago

A Pragmatist’s Guide to Functional Geekery by Michał Płachta

42m49sMichał PłachtaFunctions3 years ago

DEF CON 25 - William Knowles - Persisting with Microsoft Office Abusing Extensibility Options

18m27sWilliam KnowlesFunctions3 years ago

dotGo 2016 - Dave Cheney - Do not fear first class functions

18m54sDave CheneyFunctions4 years ago

DEF CON 23 - Di Federico and Shoshitaishvili - Dark Side of the ELF

46m21sYan ShoshitaishviliFunctions5 years ago

dotJS 2016 - Thomas Belin - User Interfaces as Pure Functions of Time

4m28sThomasFunctions4 years ago