Code videos

DEF CON 25 - Mikhail Sosonkin - Hacking travel routers like it's 1999

19m37sMikhail SosonkinCode3 years ago

ElixirConf 2016 - Leveling Up With Ecto by Darin Wilson

36m49sDarin WilsonCode4 years ago

How To Do An ACV Rinse (Apple Cider Vinegar) on Natural Hair | BiancaReneeToday

5m39sCode5 years ago

DEF CON 25 - XlogicX - Assembly Language is Too High Level

45m14sCode3 years ago

ElixirConf 2016 - WebRTC and Phoenix, when μ Seconds aren't Fast Enough by Jason Stiebs

37m3sJason StiebsCode4 years ago

ElixirConf 2016 - String Theory by Nathan Long & James Edward Gray II

37m4sNathan LongCode4 years ago

DEF CON China 1 Samit Anwer Androsia Securing data in process for your Android Apps

45m29sSamit AnwerCode2 years ago

Sean Floyd & Luis Mineiro - Lessons in Learning How to Auto-Scale Your API: The Zalando Story

35m36sSean FloydCode5 years ago

DEF CON 23 - Nemus - Hacking SQL Injection for Remote Code Execution on a LAMP Stack

38m46s@Nemus801Code5 years ago

DEF CON 23 - Francis Brown, Shubham Shah - RFIDiggity: Guide to Hacking HF NFC & UHF RFID

54m5sFrancis BrownCode5 years ago

DEF CON 23 - Ionut Popescu - NetRipper: Smart Traffic Sniffing for Penetration Testers

41m56sIonut PopescuCode5 years ago

Getting Pretty Serious - Louis Pilfold - Elixir.LDN 2017

25m23sLouis PilfoldCode3 years ago

ElixirConf 2016 - Debugging Techniques in Elixir by Erich Kist

31m20sErich KistCode4 years ago

DEF CON - Brian Gorenc. Fritz Sands - State of the Union for SCADA HMI Vulnerabilities

44m20sBrian GorencCode4 years ago

DEF CON 25 IoT Village - Dan Regalado - Inside the Alaris Infusion Pump, not too much medicine, plz

31m46sDan RegaladoCode3 years ago

ElixirConf 2016 - Elixir in Elixir by Jay Hayes

46m12sJay HayesCode4 years ago

Martin Rehfeld - How To Ship New Code Without Taking Your System Down - Berlin Erlang Factory Lite

32m47sMartin RehfeldCode6 years ago

code::dive 2016 conference – Sean Parent – Better Code

1h20m1sSean ParentCode4 years ago

Clojure Made Simple

1h43sRich HickeyCode5 years ago

DEF CON 25 - Ilja van Sprundel - Are all BSDs are created equally? A survey of BSD kerne

48m8sCode3 years ago

Leslie Lamport: Thinking Above the Code

59m50sLeslie LamportCode6 years ago

DEF CON 25 - Gil Cohen - Call the plumber: You have a leak in your named pipe

37m7sCode3 years ago

Parsing Text with a Virtual Machine - Ghadi Shayban

43m54sGhadi ShaybanCode4 years ago

DEF CON 24 Conference Mike Use Their Machines Against Them Loading Code with a Copier

30m27sMikeCode4 years ago

RR 404: Ruby Bindings & Extensions With FFI with Sean Handley

50m24sDave KimuraCodea year ago

DEF CON 25 BioHacking Village - Travis Lawrence - Hacking the Second Genetic Code

18m24sTravis LawrenceCode3 years ago

ElixirConf 2016 - Refactoring Techniques for Elixir, Ecto, and Phoenix by Gary Rennie

37m51sGary RennieCode4 years ago

justforfunc #38: Linear Regression with Gradient Descent (ML4G #2)

31m15sCode2 years ago

Pance Cavkovski - Let Java take care of your home

50m48sPance CavkovskiCode5 years ago

DEF CON 24 - Ulf Frisk - Direct Memory Attack the Kernel

43m19sUlf FriskCode4 years ago