"The Future of the Mobile Web" by Paul Kinlan

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dotJS 2014 - Paul O'Shannessy - React Through the Ages

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Typescript 2 and failing faster by Paul Everitt

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Paul Adenot: Elements of Dance Music - JSConf.Asia 2015

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Scala Collections: Why Not?

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- Paul Amicelli & Baptiste David - How to secure the Keyboard Chain

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Paul Irish, "Delivering the goods" - Fluent 2014 Keynote

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"How to Hack a Painting" by Tyler Hobbs

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GORUCO 2017: SQL to NoSQL to NewSQL and the rise of polyglot persistence Paul Dix

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dotSwift 2018 - Paul Hudson - Elements of Functional Programming

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Functional Groovy with Paul King

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The road to Node Package Manager Hell by Paul Watson

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ElixirDaze 2016 - Explicit Elixir by Paul Lamb

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DevOpsDays Chicago 2017 - Getting Good At System Failure Analysis by Paul Hinze

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Nordic.js 2017 • Paul Kinlan - The future of the web and the curious case of the unintended silo

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Khartis - How to simply create thematic maps in three steps

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Simpler Shopping by Paul Wilkinson

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dotSecurity 2017 - Paul Mockapetris - Names and Security

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Move fast with confidence - Paul Armstrong aka @paularmstrong at @ReactEurope 2019

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This is What a Feminist Looks Like - Forward Swift San Francisco

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ElixirConf 2016 - The future of Deployment in Elixir by Paul Schoenfelder

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DEF CON 25 BioHacking Village - Paul Ashley - The Future is Fake Identities

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Introducing the Flowable Process Engines by Paul Holmes Higgin & Joram Barrez

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ElixirDaze 2017- Deploying Elixir by Paul Lamb

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